About CMO Outlook

It’s remarkable that different corporate organizations in very different business sectors with different leadership structures seem to have similar challenges around marketing when it comes to scale and amplification through a network. Why is that? With the plethora of tools, expertise, technology, and automation schemes readily available, one would come to believe that an organization’s solutions are simply a matter of seeking them out and plugging them in. But we know that isn’t true.

CMO Outlook is a forum conceived and designed for the best and brightest marketing executives who overcome the inherent flaws and embrace marketing challenges and know that leadership is the key to effective solutions. It’s an opportunity for those marketers to share their viewpoints and insights into how they lead and solve for critical marketing challenges in diverse industries…and to answer that fundamental macro question of leadership.

CMO Outlook is staffed by an all volunteer team at St. Jacques Marketing that shares a passion for marketing, leadership and navigation into the brackish water that is the evolving digital landscape that defines today’s opportunities and challenges.


As a new breed of marketing strategy, media, technology and local engagement company, St. Jacques Marketing has ridden the forefront of relevancy for more than 20 years by asking and answering challenging brand questions and solving for complex distribution network brand marketing challenges.

Find out more at stjacques.com. If you would like to be included in upcoming issues of CMO Outlook, please contact us at philip@cmooutlook.com or use the form below.


  1. Patrick Stasolla · · Reply

    Phil, love the blog!

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  2. I look forward to seeing this blog grow with great content including insight and perspective from some of the brightest marketing professionals around, and that certainly includes those from St Jacques Marketing!

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