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CMO Outlook Marketing Executive Summit Panel; (from left) Tony Carrella, CEO Lightfox; Roger Koman, VP of Media and Marketing, Eggland’s Best; Cortney Harding, Music & Entertainment Relations, Moth + FlameVR; Paul Plumeri Jr., Director of Marketing, Dow Jones; Anita Cheung, Senior Marketing (Media & Data Analytics), RB; (moderator) Ken Wincko, CMO

Moderator Ken Wincko @KenWincko effortlessly led an incredible marketing executive panel Tuesday, January 24th at the Jockey Hollow Bar & Kitchen at the historic Vail Mansion in Morristown. The first CMO Outlook Marketing Executive Summit of 2017 drew more than fifty area marketing and or business executives to discuss the role, influence and integration of emerging technologies such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Learning from pragmatic marketing executives that are blazing new paths in data and near future marketing strategies was top of mind for everyone in attendance.

The panel was comprised of senior marketing leaders from Reckitt Benckiser (RB), Dow Jones, Eggland’s Best, Moth + Flame VR, and Lightfox. Ken Wincko, former CMO for Cision, kicked off the discussion with five key trends to keep in mind that set the stage for the panelists, 1. mobile first and the back end system, 2. analytics and beyond, the rise of artificial intelligence, 3. multi-channel customer experiences, 4. influencer marketing, and 5. managing not just your brand but the eco-system surrounding it e.g. a vendor, partner, and distributor that drive relationships with your buyers and influencers.

Great insights and personalities were on full display as the panelists explored data insights and the various emerging technologies centered largely on moderator Wincko’s five key trends outline and engaged the audience who asked pointed questions.

paul_plumeri_quoteTackling Wincko’s first trend was Paul Plumeri Jr., Director of Marketing for Dow Jones, and his take on mobile. “We’ve put a ton of investment and an entire team on optimizing transactions on mobile which is actually one of the most crucial areas.” explains Paul. “As soon as someone has to fill out more than two form entries for us, the likelihood that the transaction will succeed goes down significantly and that’s insane.”

Anita Cheung, Senior Marketing (Media & Data Analytics) for RB added “At RB we think mobile first. We look to activate mobile first, but at the end of the day, mobile first is about being consumers first and that is the key.”

Virtual reality (VR) for marketing initiatives was a central topic of discussion for the panelists and of keen interest for attendees. “One thing that marketers need to keep in mind when they think about VR, because I know it’s a hot topic, is do you want something that reaches a mass audience or do you want something that’s going to reach a smaller influential audience but be more immersive.” explains Cortney Harding, Music and Entertainment Relations, Moth + FlameVR.

Swtony_quoteitching to the subject of partners in a brand’s ecosystem, Roger Koman, VP of Media and Marketing for Eggland’s Best explains “If our partner does not really understand the nuances of our business, our partner is not going to do a good job delivering what we want them to deliver.” Tony Carrella, CEO of Lightfox added to Roger’s assessment. “Very simply, our job is to make sure our technology makes our partners successful. That’s what we focus on, that’s what we do, it’s that simple.”

anita_quote_newSponsored by Salesforce, Slalom Consulting, and St. Jacques Marketing, a leading strategic agency that focuses on digital brand engagement, the event is the first of many to come in the area. “There is nothing like this forum in the North Jersey area for marketing executives,” said Mike Anderson, Regional Vice President at Salesforce. We know there are many questions around new technology and the best path regarding integration. Sometimes you just need to listen to how others are approaching these issues.”

Ryan Powell, CRM Practice Director for Slalom Consulting says “We’re already planning our next summit. Based on the success of this event, It’s obvious there is a pent up demand for this type of executive summit in this type of environment. We hit the perfect balance.”

About CMO Outlook

CMO Outlook is a forum conceived and designed for the best and brightest marketing executives who seek to overcome challenges  and embrace new ideas and know that leadership is the key to effective solutions. It’s an opportunity for those executive marketers to share their viewpoints and insights into how they lead and solve for critical marketing challenges in diverse industries…and to answer that fundamental macro question of leadership.

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